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Vol.12 (Issue date:2016-10-15)

Medical Society Information

The Oak Group actively participates in academic societies held in Japan and overseas in order to obtain the latest information and techniques on infertility treatment and to present the research results at this hospital.

European Society of Reproductive Medicine 2016: Helsinki, Finland

ESHRE 2016(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)July 3-6

[A randomized comparison of live birth rates following hormone replacement regimens for thawed blastocyst transfer]

Whether there is a difference in birth rate depending on the type of hormone replacement therapy for thawed embryo transfer-randomized controlled trial.
(Funabiki M, Taguchi S, Nakamura Y)


[Association of follicular fluid zinc concentration with maturation rate and fertilization rate during ovarian stimulation]

Relationship between the amount of zinc in follicular fluid and the maturation rate and fertilization rate of eggs.
(Saji F, Amano N, Kobatake M, Takano T, Kawagita A, Ishikawa M, Young L, Funabiki M, Taguchi S, Nakamura Y)

34th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation

34th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Fertilization and Implantation / Academic Lecture: September 15-16

"Effect of new ICSI method on fertilization rate and effect of recovery of egg cytoplasmic membrane after membrane rupture on fertilization-Prospective cohort study-"

(Tomoe Takano, Namiko Amano, Michiko Kobata, Fumie Saji, Ayaka Kawakita, Mizuki Ishikawa, Mari Kakii, Akiko Kawaguchi, Ayaka Koda, Moe Nakamori, Mao Hamada, Yoshitaka Nakamura

Product presentation of a new vaginal gel for luteal support

In-Hospital Study

A new product briefing session for vaginal gel for luteal replacement was held: September 7th

In July of this year, a briefing session was held by the manufacturer of the progesterone preparation that was approved for manufacture and sale in Japan.
It is a product that has already been used overseas, and the doctor confirmed clinical data and conditions other than the materials presented, and the nurse made a detailed check on how to use and how to handle it.

We also decided to introduce it in October.

Letters from Patients

Thank you to everyone at Oak Clinic for their kindness during the treatment.

Looking at the picture of the fertilized egg during in vitro fertilization, it is strange to think that this egg has grown into this baby.

I was very scared when I gave birth and one month after giving birth.
I learned about the wonders and miracles of pregnancy because it is difficult to get pregnant, but I learned that childbirth is life-threatening.
I'm studying every day because I don't know much about it.

The newborn baby is plump and very cute.
I would like to cherish the time with my baby and enjoy childcare leisurely.

Oak Clinic Group: Notice

"Oak Clinic, Ginza" (Tokyo) was opened on Saturday, October 1st. A clinic specializing in fertility treatment with a reproduction center.

Infertility News

Nissei, Japan's first fertility insurance(9/5)

Nippon Life Insurance Company announced that it will start handling insurance that covers the cost of infertility treatment for the first time in Japan in October.

You can receive benefits when you undergo IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and you will receive a congratulatory gift when you give birth.
Women aged 16 to 40 can join the insurance, and the monthly insurance premium is around 10,000 yen.
Public medical insurance is applied to induce ovulation to collect eggs, but "specific fertility treatment" for in vitro fertilization and microinsemination is not covered.
In April, the Financial Services Agency revised the enforcement regulations of the Insurance Business Law and lifted the ban on the handling of insurance products that cover the cost of infertility treatment.

Staff Introduction

Embryologist Ayaka Kawakita

Embryologist Ayaka Kawakita

Hobbies Reading
Interests Travel
Favorite words One chance, one meeting

In the process of treatment, I would like to play the role of an embryologist carefully and accurately one by one.
In addition, please feel free to contact us for any reason to help your peace of mind.