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Vol.3 (Issue date:2015-2-18)

Medical Society Information

20th Anniversary Japanese Society of Clinical Embryologists: January 10-11, 2015

A presentation was made at the society conference.

"A retrospective study of the fertility of low-grade blastocysts"

(Namiko Amano, Michiko Kobata, Kaori Yoshikawa, Tomoe Takano, Fumie Saji, Eri Hase, Chie Matsuda, Ai Kuroki, Kate Young, Nami Ueura, Reo Katayama, Ayaka Kawakita, Yoshitaka Nakamura)

Oak Clinic Group: Notice

Dr. Funabiki has contributed as a presenter to the beauty information site "Beauty & Co." operated by Shiseido.

Beauty & Co.

This article is a unique perspective on "women's beauty" from the standpoint of an obstetrician and gynecologist. You can see it at Beauty & Co.Beauty & Co.


[ Introducing some of the articles published so far ]

  • What is the cause of masculinization? Taking care of girls with facial hair!
  • Good-looking guys today, good-looking guys tomorrow? Favorite men change with the menstrual cycle!
  • Surprising facts! Uterine care was the shortcut to "thin constitution"!

In the Media

●March 9th(Monday)8: 15 ~ 9: 54 NHK General "Asaichi" Miyako Funabiki was interviewed.

*Broadcast schedule is subject to change.

○February 5th(Thursday)
NHK General "News 7" Miyako Funabiki was interviewed.

○January 29th(Thursday)
Asahi Broadcasting "Good morning Asahi" Dr. Miyako Funabiki was interviewed.

○January 27th(Wednesday)
Fuji TV "FNN SPEAK" Miyako Funabiki was interviewed.

○January 5th(Monday)
Hanako(No.1079) Dr. Sagiri Taguchi was interviewed.
○December 17th(Wednesday)
Nikkei Woman Online Miyako Funabiki was interviewed.

○December 11th(Thursday)
Josei Seven 2015-January 1 issue: Dr. Sagiri Taguchi was interviewed.

○December 10th(Wednesday)
“I want a baby!” 2015-Winter issue Dr. Yuri Iwaki was interviewed.

○December 9th (Wednesday)
Yomiuri TV "Miyaneya" Miyako Funabiki was interviewed.

Letters from Patients

❖When I saw the baby's face, I was so moved and happy that I forgot every challenge I faced up to this point.
I wasn't able to have children after getting married, so I was hesitant to treat infertility, but I'm glad I did.
I was worried about in vitro fertilization at first, but it was good that I was able to feel at ease by listening to the doctors and nurses at the hospital many times. Thank you very much.

❖After giving birth, the difficult days of fertility treatment have turned into very important memories.
I think that it is because of those days that I can do my best every day while being happy with my child and family. Thank you everyone.

❖I was really happy when my child was born.
Because there was an Oak Clinic nearby, I was able to use IVF.
I really appreciate all the Oak staff when I see my four-month-old son.
Despite my worries, I thought I wanted to regret trying instead of regretting not trying.
Meeting my child was amazing. It's difficult to put words into letters, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Infertility News

Approved "Lutinas Vaginal Tablets", Infertility Treatment Finally "World Standard" (12/22)

  • “Lutinas Vaginal Tablets” will be on sale for the first time in Japan as assisted reproductive technology from early December.
  • Until now, administration has been carried out by methods such as injection of natural hormones or personal import of medications from overseas.
  • Since the patient herself inserts the vaginal tablet with the dedicated applicator, there is no need to go to the hospital every day (this is also available at this hospital).

Germ cells that become sperms and eggs = made from human universal cells-Cambridge, UK, etc. (12/25)

  • Announced that human universal cells have been transformed into primordial germ cells
  • Successful in mice in the past, but this is the first successful event in humans.

Infertility treatment is not associated with developmental disabilities in children, confirmed by a Danish research group (1/2)

  • Danish research group reports that fertility treatment and subfertility treatment are not associated with poor child development
  • The survey covered 1752 5-year-olds across Denmark from 2003 to 2008
  • It verified children's intelligence and attention execution function after investigating parents' education level, age, etc.

Staff Introduction

Clinical laboratory engineer / embryo culture engineer Namiko Amano

Clinical laboratory engineer/embryo culture engineer Namiko Amano

Interests Baseball, Music
Hobbies Reading, Growing plants on the veranda
Motto Destiny will come to you

Embryo cultivators rarely have the opportunity to talk directly to patients, but if you have any questions about eggs, please feel free to contact us. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns regarding in vitro fertilization, the IVF help desk will help. Please use it.


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