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Vol.2 (Issue date:2014-12-17)

In-Hospital Study


QA⁄ QC Systems for Trouble Shooting in the ART Laboratory

A briefing session was held for a new product from ORIGIO, the world's largest manufacturer of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) mediums and instruments / equipment.

Letters from Patients

❖Thanks to Oak and ICSI, I now have two children! Both pregnancies were tough, including requiring a lot of bed rest, but I am really happy to have a life with children, which is something I never thought possible due to my irregular menstrual cycle.
I'm 41 years old and I'm physically tough, but I’m happy when caring for my children tires me out! It’s all thanks to the support of doctors and staff, thank you so much.
I hope you all take care of yourself.

Infertility News

Introducing progesterone vaginal preparation for fertility treatment (11/14)

  • Introducing the first progesterone preparation in Japan
  • A drug that is administered intravaginally to replace the corpus luteum and improve the pregnancy rate.

Sunscreen Ingredients Cause Male Infertility? National Institutes of Health (11/17)

  • Chemicals used in sunscreens may cause male infertility
  • Benzophenone 2 and 4HO-Benzophenone can detected in male urine

Approved fertilized egg diagnosis. In vitro fertilization to inspect for chromosomal abnormalities (11/26)

  • Approved "New Fertilized Oocyte Diagnosis" to collect a part of in vitro fertilized egg and examine all chromosomal abnormalities.
  • This is meant to help women who have a miscarriage more than once or who have not succeeded in in vitro fertilization more than 3 times.
  • If this is introduced, we can learn more information about the condition of the fertilized egg.

Travel expenses subsidy for infertility treatment / Miyakojima city council general question (12/12)

  • Miyakojima City has announced that it will expand the framework of "support for travel expenses for patients with intractable diseases" from FY2015 and will subsidize travel expenses.
  • There was no medical institution that can treat infertility in Miyakojima city until now.

Staff Introduction

Medical Office Aya Hirano

Medical Office Aya Hirano

Hobbies Mountain climbing, nature viewing
Interests Flavors of autumn

I love to see illuminations at this time of year.
At our hospital, we are waiting for you all year round (outpatient infertility) with Christmas trees and illuminations.
Please feel free to contact us for infertility treatment, egg freezing, gynecological diseases, etc.