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Vol.1 (Issue date:2014-10-15)

In-Hospital Study

QA⁄ QC Systems for Trouble Shooting in the ART Laboratory : 2014-9-12

Dr. Patrick Quinn, a world-renowned ART researcher and developer of popular culture media, came to Japan to give a lecture on quality control in the laboratory.


Lecturer: Patrick Quinn PhD, HCLD
Location: Oak Sumiyoshi Obstetrics and Gynecology Seminar Room

院内勉強会 Oak Sumiyoshi Obstetrics and Gynecology Seminar Room

Excerpt from the Oak Clinic Infertility Blog

Comparison of HCG and Agonist as Trigger for Oocyte Maturation -Fertility and Sterility Vol.102, No.3, September 2014-

In this paper, we look backwards to see if there is a significant difference in the rate of fetal congenital malformations and the frequency of problems related to pregnancy and childbirth between groups that use HCG and agonists to trigger egg maturation when collecting eggs in the stimulation cycle.
The results of the investigation are shown. As expected, there was no difference between the two groups.
We mainly use agonists as triggers to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in almost all patients who live far away and are checked for follicle size at a nearby medical institution.
With this report that there is no adverse effect on the fetus and mother, we can provide the current protocol with even more peace of mind. (Excerpt)


Patient Testimonial

❖After IVF with ICSI, I finally became pregnant.
There were still troubles ahead though, as bleeding led to me being hospitalized three times due to an imminent miscarriage.
Sometimes I thought my goal was impossible, but finally my time with Oak Clinic ended and my baby was born healthy. We did it!
I am deeply grateful to the doctors, nurses, cleaners, cooks, staff, and many others of Oak Sumiyoshi Obstetrics and Gynecology.
I couldn't get this joy without going to Oak. I'm really thankful to you.

Infertility News

In 2012, more than 37,000 IVF infants were born in Japan. Further statistics:

  • Approximately 326,000 in vitro fertilizations were performed in 2012, giving life to 37,953 children.
  • Compared to 2011, the number of implementations has increased by about 57,000 and the number of births has increased by about 5,500.

iPS cells (stem cell) development of egg cells improved in Cambridge, UK

  • At Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, doctors succeeded in transforming human embryonic stem cells (ES cells) and iPS cells into cells that are closer to fertilized eggs.
  • If research progresses in the future, it may be useful for infertility treatment.

Infertility treatment for men to be subsidized in more prefectures

  • Five prefectures subsidize infertility treatment for men.
  • Currently implemented in 2 prefectures and may spread to 11 prefectures in the future.

Staff Introduction

Nursing Department Chizuru Shito

Nursing Department Chizuru Shito

Hobbies Golf, travel
Interests Looking at the sky, finding delicious shops

I'm Shito, a nurse. The surgery center has restarted from this year.

As a result, gynecological surgery and infertility treatment can be performed at our hospital, and patients can proceed with treatment with peace of mind. Therefore, the medical office, nursing department, and lab are working to deepen teamwork even more than before.

Let's do our best together so that we can have as many children as possible as soon as possible.