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Regarding Male Infertility


Infertility Treatment is necessary to be done together with your partner.  Within the causes of infertility, the male side accounts for about 1/3 of the cases.  Therefore, it is very important for males to also have check ups and tests and to undergo treatment.  In addition, there are also cases where infertility treatment lasts a long time, and it is necessary for you as a couple to understand this and work together.


In order for the pregnancy to succeed, it is necessary for the sperm to meet with the oocyte and have a success in fertilization and then implant itself to within the uterus.  The thing necessary on the male’s part is to reach the fallopian tube, where the fertilization by sperm will take place.  Generally speaking there are about 200 million sperm (50 million to 100 million per 1ml).  These automatically move, and by the time they reach the ampulla of the fallopian tube, where the fertilization takes place, the numbers have dropped to about 100 or so, and finally only one sperm will fertilize one oocyte.  The main role on the male’s side is first to see through to the fertilization, but if there is an abnormality along the way in any part of the process, the success of fertilization will not come to be.




In the case that you would like an examination, after your inquiry, please come during the male infertility clinic hours. 

Please check here for the examination hours.

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