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Women and Herbal Remedies


■ Why are Herbal Remedies used often by Women?

In Japan, the frequency use of herbal remedies in a clinic of obstetrics and gynecology, compared to other areas of medicines seems to be high.  Therefore, it is fact that there are many herbal remedy prescriptions administered to women.  Why is that though?

When we look at the life of women, it is understood that there is a big acting on the change in hormones.  On an age basis, the movement and changes in puberty, maturation, menopause, and there are also changes in maturation, pregnancy, postpartum after birth, and the lactation periods.  When looked by a month, menstrual period, follicular phase, luteal phase, even within a day there are also hormones that show diurnal variation.  These are changed hormones, and they are in the condition of that change being produced in combination.  Of course men’s hormones will change as well but as not as complex as women’s hormones.

In the world of Western Medicine, diagnosis and treatment is being done regardless of gender except for the changes of pregnancy and birth.  In response to this in Oriental Medicine, even for other than major symptoms, the treatment method (herbal remedy) is chosen based on individual conditions and the body’s makeup.  Additionally, the history of the use of herbal remedies for women has been quite long, and has come to be used in the various symptoms accompanied especially by menstruation and pregnancy.  What’s more is that if one doesn’t treat it, herbal remedies are used for the condition of “non-responsive illness” that has a high possibility of becoming a sickness, and are also aware of the obviate to the onset of disease.  Recently within herbal remedies, there is also a concoction that is said to act on the hormone nuclei and receptors.

From these things, the usefulness of herbal remedies was reviewed, and it is thought that the opportunities for herbal remedies to be used are rising. 
As for herbal remedies, it is thought that it is one of the superior treatment methods of women’s functional diseases.

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