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■ What is the "Non-responsive Illness" (未病)? ・・・

The old book in which the phrase “non-responsive illness” has been written in, is "The Inner Cannon of the Huang Emperor" in the late Han Empire of China.  In Japan, you can see it in the "Youjoukun".

The definition of the term differs depending on the society, and we cannot say that there is just one unified definition even within Japan.

The traditional thought is that it is a combination of, “having subjective symptoms, but a condition of no findings by testing”, and “no subjective symptoms, but a condition of confirming abnormalities by testing” that is non-responsive illness.  It is thought that due to the progress of the testing methods, and such things as, “in previous tests there was no abnormalities, but this time it was possible to have the abnormalities be confirmed“, that there is also a possibility for complete change, making for the cause to be hard to decide on a definition.

“Non-responsive illness” is thought of to be one part of preventive medicine from the standpoint of Western Medicine.  However in the examination method of Oriental Medicine, it is often a thing that is the interest of treatment after abnormalities are found.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the correction of the “non-responsive illness” is one of the big purposes.

It is a joyful thing if treatment can be done before it becomes an “illness”.

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