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Medical Examination of Herbal Remedy


■ What are the 4 Examinations?

What kind of examination will it be in Traditional Chinese Medicine?   
In Western Medicine the symptoms are confirmed, blood tests, CT and MRI, etc. are done, and once the results have been seen prescribing of medicine is carried out.  
On the other hand, in Traditional Chinese Medicine there are no blood tests and image tests taken, and after looking at the findings of the patient’s body and abnormalities are confirmed, then the prescriptions will be handled.  This is called, “The 4 Examinations” for the exam of Herbal Remedies.
The 4 Examinations are those of appraisal, sound, survey by questionnaire and touch diagnosis.  Now let’s take a brief look at The 4 Examinations.



Appraising Exam: Examination using sight

Posture Behavior The way you walk, are the back muscles extending, etc.
Face Exam Face color and expression
Hair Skin Dryness and color, presence of loose hair, etc.
Tongue Tongue coating and shape, color, condition of blood vessels, etc.



Listening Exam: Examination using sound and smell

Voice Volume Respiratory Sound  
Body odor  



Questionnaire: Past Medical History Present Illness Symptoms



Touch Exam: Palpation Examination

Pulse Exam Method of feeling the beat of the artery of the wrist by using 3 fingers
  Pulse rate Strength of beat Rhythm, etc.


We will use herbal remedies after looking at the patient’s condition depending on these examinations, but as for the present medical treatment in Japan, we feel that even a better out come will be obtained by combining the herbal remedies with western testing methods or treatment methods.

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