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Herbal Remedies and Side Effects


When I listen to the talk of people who desire herbal remedies, I often hear such things as, ”I’m at ease because when it comes to herbal remedies there is no worry about side-effects”, and, “if it’s herbal remedies you can be at ease even if you are pregnant”.
I think that certainly there are many herbal remedies that of course are made from plants and other natural sources and because they can be taken with the same kind of feeling as food.
However keeping that in mind, herbal remedies may not suit us, as just with food, there is a chance that an allergy may develop in us depending on our body’s makeup.

Also, in combination with western medicine, there are herbal medicines that must be cautioned for combination with herbal medicines, diuretics, and thyroid formulations of incompatible combinations with interferon.  Even more so, when using multiple herbal remedies, if the crude drug (ingredient) are duplicated and become too much, then it will be easy for side effects to occur.

Of course, the frequency of these side effects is low, and there is no need for excessive worry.  First of all, please know about the fact that even herbal medicines have side effects, and that it is very important to be able to tell us exactly about your body’s condition and whether or not you are currently taking any other medicines.  Additionally, it is imperative that you must not give to other people the medicines that are prescribed to yourself.

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