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Basic Ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine


■ Six Stages of Disease 六病位

In regards to the acute febrile illness, within the (Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders), the symptoms and the body’s reaction are divided into 6 stages, and the treatment method (choice of herbal remedy) in respect to that is displayed.  As for this way of thinking, it tends to be thought of as being limited to acute febrile illness, but we look at the reaction of the organism in respect to the disease and when it comes to the selection of the medicine in herbal remedy therapy, and how it can be applied to other diseases from looking at that reaction.


Positive Illness:There is plenty of sanity, a state of fighting the pathogenesis of disease・・・Generally a condition that is fever producing, and proof is by fever

Stage 1 At the beginning one is usually energetic.  Accompanied by chills, development of fever, and headaches, it is a condition of fever being brought out.
Stage 2 State of fever and chills repeating and getting worse.  There is fever, chills, and loss of appetite, soon after the pathogenesis of disease will enter the deep part of the body, and the condition of fever being intermediate.
Stage 3 Strong fever and noticeable sweat, and at times loss of consciousness.  Lesions generally appearing in advanced stages.
Negative Illness:Weakening in sanity, a condition of the pathogenesis of the disease taking over the body・・・Generally, a state of being cold, proof is by chills
Stage 4 The start of negative illness, and a condition of the gastrointestinal system being cold.  Feeling exhausted with diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.  Also includes the condition of being on the verge of shock.
Stage 5 Condition of having no energy, face color is bad and soon lying down.  Complaints only of chills, and no sensation of warmth.  Accompanied by things such as limb sensations.
Stage 6 Internal organs throughout the body are befalling to the pathogenesis of disease, and a condition of the life force weakening.


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