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Basic Ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine


■ Life Force

In the classic thinking of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there was a “Life Force”.

he “ki”(気- spirit) was a thing not seen that acts over the body, and “ketsu”(血- blood) was a thing seen that acts over the body.  At one point, the element known as “sui”(水-water:saliva, tears, and phlegm) as a thing seen (red fluid being blood; and clear fluid being water)that acts over the body joined, and came to be called, “kikessui”(気血水) in Japanese meaning, “Life Force”.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will look at the life force, and are aiming to select the means of treatment.



Abnormalities of Mind

ⅰ)Mental Depression 気滞(きたい)

The spirit is in a state of stagnated depression flowing through the body, and it is like there is always a feeling of something pulling on the pharyngeal region, and we can see lethargy, depressed mood and insomnia among others.

ⅱ)Opposite Feeling 気の上衝(じょうしょう)

These are the so-called, “hot flashes”.  The face becomes red, and it also is accompanied by dizziness and palpitations.

ⅲ)Vital Substance Deficiency 気虚(ききょ)

This is a condition of being weak in spirits and having no energy. 
There is an exhaustion of the kind where it is so easy to get tired, and often it is associated with the functional decline of the digestive organs.



Abnormalities of Blood

ⅰ)Blood Stasis "Dirty Blood" 瘀血(おけつ)

This is the condition of the flow of blood being stagnated.  It often appears at such times of before during and after menstruation, birth, postpartum, and menopause. 
As symptoms go, you will find things such as not wanting to drink even though your mouth is dry, subjective abdominal bloating, roughness of skin, dark red color of the tongue, and tenderness, resistance in the lower abdomen.

ⅱ)Blood Deficiency 血虚(けっきょ)

It is a state of being low on the volume of blood, a sort of anemia.  It takes on symptoms similar to malnutrition.
The face color is bad, skin is not moist and it is a state where hair is easily pulled out. 
In respect to vital substance deficiency, often it is among those who are slim, dark in color, and with active strength.



Abnormalities of Water

ⅰ)Water Poison 水毒(すいどく) Stagnated Water 水滞(すいたい)

This shows the pathological condition from the abnormalities of metabolism and distribution of body fluids. 
As symptoms go, you can see swelling, runny nose, watery phlegm, dizziness and headache.


In order to make the “Life Force” easy to understand we have shown the various major conditions and symptoms, but it is certainly changing at the same time.  Also, there is not just a certain one combination of the herbal remedy to be used as the said antidote.  The goal is to improve the balance of the whole body.

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