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How to use Herbal Remedies



When Herbal Remedies are mentioned there are many who feel that it is just grounded medicine, however there are many other forms of herbal remedies not limited to, but including medicinal herbs grounded into powder, and pills that hardened after adding honey to the powder.

Presently, the herbal remedies used by health insurance are extract formulations.  Extract formulations are concentrated like an instant drink and made into powders from the components of liquids, powders, and pills.  As for boiled medicine, it will be prescribed based on the genetic makeup of the patient, but you must spend almost an hour everyday boiling the medicine on low heat, and it can not be preserved for a long time.  Due to that, the extract formulations are convenient to carry and have an advantage that there is not need for time and effort.

Use of herbal remedy is to be before or during meals.  That is so the absorption factor is good, and that there is no influence of the meal content.  However, if you forget to take it, of if you are someone who will suffer from gastric symptoms when taking medicine on an empty stomach, even if you take it after eating you can still expect results.  It is very important to continue taking the herbal remedy.  Additionally, it is advised to take drugs that can be used in combination with herbal remedies after 30 minutes from the herbal dosage, which is the same as if you will drink tea or coffee as well.

Extract formulations are to be added to a good portion of hot water, allowed to dissolve and cool down a little before drinking.  The level of hot water when mixing 2 or more varieties of extract formulations remains the same.  When it can’t be dissolved, hold it in your mouth and sip on hot water to take the dosage while dissolving it.  When it is hard to drink it, if you add honey or sugar and mix it up it will become easy to drink.

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