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Guidance for the opening of "Outpatient Counseling"
(Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi)


There are many patients with many different concerns when it comes to fertility treatment.
In regards to these concerns and consultations, we will listen to you, and want to give you an explanation, but because each person is given only about 5 minutes during regular outpatient visits, other patients will be made to wait a longer time, we would like to about this.


We have improved these conditions, so at our clinic we have opened “Outpatient Counseling”.
For those who want to consult together with the husband present, those worried about treatments,
and for those thinking about continuing with treatment,
please take advantage of “Outpatient Counseling”.


At our clinic, all of our doctors and staff have a great deal of knowledge in regards to fertility treatment.
Each doctor has a speciality and publishes clinical research in their field.


Since December 2011, in addition to consultations,
you will also be able to have counseling with the doctor specializing in the area of your concern.
You can see each doctor and his/her specialty as listed below.

Please make an appointment, as the practice hours of each doctor vary.


Doctor Specialty Area
Sagiri Taguchi Reproductive Endocrinology⁄Psychology
Miyako Funabiki Reproductive Endocrinology⁄Psychology
Terumi Hayashi Habitual Miscarriage
Yoshihiro Tada Male Infertility

Cost: ¥5,000 (30 minutes, plus tax)
❈This is a “self-pay” service.  Insurance doesn’t apply.

Appointments⁄Questions: Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi

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