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Language Assistance Guidance

Oak Clinic provides Language Assistance to patients that have troubles with Japanese. Language Assistance, in principle, is provided in English and Chinese only. If you need this service, please let the staff know.

English; Costs Free



Package Costs Guidance (Chinese)

Type Cost*
OPU / ET cycles – each (1st time) ¥20,000
OPU / ET cycles – each (2nd time) ¥15,000
OPU / ET cycles – each (3rd time+) ¥10,000


*All costs are subject to change without notice.
*All costs are displayed without tax.


  • Even if you apply for Language Assistance after your IVF treatment cycle has started, you will have to pay the full price.
  • In principle service will only be provided in Japanese, if there is no request for Language Assistance.
  • However, you must use Language Assistance in circumstances in which we judge that Language Assistance is necessary to your treatment.  In such a case you will also need to pay.

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