[Step-Up] Infertility Treatment

Everyone has a different idea of what fertility treatment might look like to them.
Some patients wish to try to get pregnant as naturally as possible, others might care only that they do get pregnant, and are less concerned with the method than the result.
Every approach is valid.

Infertility has numerous possible causes, many of which are difficult to discover.
In some cases, with infertility of unknown origin, it is better to simply proceed to attempting treatment, as that may solve the problem entirely.
In these cases, the “step-up” method is used in stages.

First, the timing method is attempted.
If pregnancy is not achieved within three cycles of the timing method, we proceed to AIH (Artificial Insemination.)
If you do not get pregnant after six cycles of AIH, we then move on to IVF (In-vitro fertilization.)
In this way, we step-up the treatment method. Achieving pregnancy and birth includes a lot of luck, even with all our technology.
Of course, anything is possible, even stepping up to IVF, failing to achieve success, and then later getting pregnant naturally (rare, but it has happened.)


In the end, fertility treatment still depends on that luck and probability.
However, the best chance can be secured using this “step up” method.
In the end, it is the most efficient way to raise the rate of pregnancy while spending the least money.

Proceeding to treatment when the cause is unknown can also indirectly help us to identify the cause of infertility in some cases, and one treatment can tell us how to better proceed to the next, like in the case of ICSI (micro-insemination.)


Ultimately, it is also important to remember that the rate of pregnancy decreases with age.
Spending too much time attempting only the natural method of conception can waste important time.
It’s best not to hesitate to work actively at getting pregnant with treatment.
If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.