Preconception Genetic Test
(Carrier Screening)

This preconception genetic test or carrier screening is recommended for all couples who wish to have a baby.
This test assesses the risk that your child will develop a genetic disease.
A carrier is the person who has a genetical change called a mutation that disrupts the function of an autosomal recessive (AR) gene, such as phenylketonuria, but does not develop a genetic disease.
We especially recommend this test for the following couples:

  • Who have a genetic disorder in the family or close relatives.
  • Who have a family member or a close relative who has died of a genetic disease.
  • Who already know that you or your partner is suffering from or a carrier of a genetic disease.


It is also possible to prepare in advance or avoid the case where a couple is both carriers of the same genetic disease or where a mutation in a genetic disease gene that is dominantly inherited is found.
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