Self-Syringe Method

The self-syringe method is a very popular fertility method overseas, in which semen collected in advance at home is injected into the vagina at home using a special sterilization reducing device.

What is the self-syringe method?

The self-syringe method is a method of injecting the collected semen into the vagina by yourself using a syringe (needleless injection.)
Unlike artificial insemination, which involves washing and concentrating sperm, the collected semen is injected directly into the vagina, so it is just a type of timing method.

This is an aid when you want to try the timing method, but it is difficult to have sexual intercourse because of e.g. dyspareunia, illness, or other mental or physical dysfunction.
Use before and after the day of ovulation. Please follow the doctor's instructions for the time and period of use.

How to use the self-syringe method kit

How to use:

(1)Collect semen in the provided sample collection container. Collect the sample as close to the time of use as possible.
(2)Freshly collected semen is highly viscous, so leave it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes until it liquefies.
(3)After washing your hands thoroughly, remove the syringe from the sterile pack and draw all the liquefied semen into the syringe.
(4)Insert the syringe yourself into the vagina and press the plunger to inject semen.
(5)Immediately remove the syringe from the vagina after injection and keep still for about 5 minutes.

Kit contents

Kit contents
*The contents in this photo are for one instance.

  1. 10 sterilized syringes (10 times)
  2. 10 sterilized semen collection containers
    (10 times)
  3. Instruction manual
*Sterilized, single-use medical device.Never reuse it. Never reuse it.


Cost for a kit containing 10 uses: ¥10,000(With tax: ¥11,000)

*The price including tax is based on the obligation to display the total amount. In a real situation, differences in calculation may occur.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.