Artificial Insemination(AIH)

In order to get as much healthy sperm as possible around the oocyte, semen is washed and concentrated before being artificially injected into the lumen of the uterus.

Information about AIH at Oak Clinic

Ovulation Day

Using tests like ultrasound (USG) and LH blood tests, we can see the day of ovulation. We can assist ovulation with medication or allow it to occur naturally.

For the Husband

Please collect semen in the provided container. You can collect it at the hospital if you prefer, or you can collect it at home using the container and your wife can bring it to the clinic that way. (Please bring it within three hours of collection.)


After being washed and concentrated, the sperm is introduced to the uterus’ lumen with a thin tube, with the hope that it will meet the ovulated oocyte.