Examination and Treatment for Repeated Implantation Failure

Uterine Lumen Adhesions

Uterine lumen adhesion is a condition in which the endometrium becomes inflamed and the tissues of the endometrium stick together. Also called Asherman's syndrome.

It can be caused by caesarean section, abortion, other uterine surgery, or infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It has been reported that adhesions in the uterine lumen may limit the activity of the muscles of the uterus and prevent the endometrium from growing to a sufficient thickness because the hormones required are not sufficiently distributed. As a result, it can cause implantation failure, miscarriage, and placenta accreta. (Charles MM. Seminars In Reproductive Medicine; 2011,Vol 29, No.2, p83-94.) Diagnosis is often made by hysterosalpingography or hysteroscope, and treatment is mainly performed using a hysteroscope.

Uterine Lumen Adhesions
出典:「子宮卵管造影法のABC」、高野 昇

Uterine lumen adhesions
Source: "ABC of hysterosalography", Noboru Takano