Examination and Treatment for Repeated Implantation Failure

Endometrial polyps

Endometrial polyps are benign tumors of the endometrium which can be asymptomatic, or can occasionally cause irregular bleeding.
Around 10-20% of infertility patients have endometrial polyps, that removing the larger ones will improve the pregnancy rate.
(Bosteels J, et al. The effectiveness of hysteroscopy in improving pregnancy rates in subfertile women without other gynaecological symptoms: a systematic review. Human Reproduction Update. 2010, Vol 16, No 1, p1-11.)
Some endometrial polyps, especially those with abnormal bleeding and those after menopause, are associated with the development of endometrial cancer.
Endometrial polyps can sometimes be inferred using routine ultrasonography or hysterosalpingography, but more diagnostic tests are sonohysterograms, MRIs, and hysteroscopy may be required.