IFCE Development

At our hospital, we observed a series of cases in which patients who struggled with implantation became pregnant.
Typically, these were people with long hospital records, and a lot of time and effort spent on trying with the best oocytes possible.

We studied why it seemed like these patients suddenly began to get pregnant, one after the other, despite their prior efforts being in vain.
A pattern emerged.

Reports have increased overseas that endometrial biopsy increases the implantation rate, and in this case, we had begun to perform more endometrial biopsies for diagnostic purposes.
Therefore, we have been conducting research at our hospital and have actually achieved results (Hayashi T, et al. Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology, in press).

In addition to simply endometrial biopsy, we are also exploring the presence or absence of polyps and ET methods to further improve the implantation rate.