IFCE(Endometrium Assistance)

There are a large number of patients suffering from recurrent implantation failure, who cannot easily establish a pregnancy even if a good fertilized oocyte is obtained by in vitro fertilization.
For a long time, there was no help for this, but recently, implantation assisting technology called IFCE (Intrauterine Fiberscope & Curettage of the Endometrium) has shown an increase in the pregnancy rate at our hospital and others.

IFCE is a technology that uses a special instrument called a curette to injure a small part of the endometrium, collect it (endometrial biopsy), and transplant a fertilized oocyte into the same part on the next cycle.
Our in-house Oak Clinic study found that when embryos were transferred in the next cycle of IFCE, both the clinical pregnancy rate and the continuous pregnancy rate were about three times higher than in the cycle in which embryo transfer proceeded without doing anything.
At our hospital, we consider from all angles, such as endometrial biopsy method and ET technique, and develop our own technology.