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Uterine and Ovarian Illnesses


The uterus

The uterus is made mainly of a smooth type of muscle, but this is a benign tumor which is called the uterine fibroid that has been able to stop the “aneurysm”.  Dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and anemia’s causes and infertility will be the causes of the “recurrent miscarriage condition”.  It is rare but there are also big, malignant fibroids called, “leiomyosarcoma”.

You can suppress the secretion of ovarian hormones by injection or nasal spray, to become big, or small.  As a stopgap measure, there is also a low-dosage pill that can be used as a way to control the menorrhagia, and menstruation pain.

If there are symptoms and they are too big and the cause of infertility, they will be taken out by surgery.  There are various ways to surgery.  There is a method that would take the entire uterus, but at our clinic we have been performing the surgery that takes the fibroid in principle as that we have specializing in the treatment of fertility preservation.  In addition to the normal laparotomy, there is also a surgical procedure that takes it out under the hysteroscope, known as “Laparoscope” and resectoscope surgeries.

There are cases where you may be able to or may not be able to do so respectively.  In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.  Even if you are unmarried, planning a pregnancy, in for treatment of infertility, close to menopause, to each there is a different approach.  So we are suggesting, in counseling, the way that seems best suited to the condition of each person.


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Adenomyosis, Endometriosis

Such as in the ovaries and pelvic peritoneum, the membrane is supposed to be in the lumen of the uterus, for some reason it is a disease that can be found elsewhere.  In the same way as in a normal film, peeling off at the time of menstruation bleeding, causing menstrual cramps or worse, peritoneal adhesions, also infertility and chronic pain.  In addition, endometriosis forms in the ovary, and accumulated blood becomes old and a “chocolate condition” is formed.  It is called a “chocolate cyst”. The disease that comes from the condition of endometriosis formed between the muscles of the uterus is referred to as adenomyosis.

If you try to a definitive diagnosis of endometriosis, it is necessary to perform laparoscopy. However, our clinic believes that there is no merit in the case of mild symptoms, and general anesthesia, just to do a laparoscopy. In such a case, it will be diagnosed based on pelvic examination findings and blood tests.

As for the treatment, there is surgery and drug therapy.  By means of medicine and in light cases, there is a nasal spray and an injection, a method that can stop the menstruation and let wither the endometriosis lesions, there is also a method of using a low-dosage pill in order to relieve the symptoms and slow the progression.

As for the surgeries, there is a laparoscopic surgery and an open surgery, but laparoscopic surgery is the main type nowadays, to solidify the endometriosis lesions by means of electric scalpel.  Also in the case of a “chocolate cyst”, there is the “alcohol fixing” method of using a needle under an ultrasound monitor to aspirate the old blood and inject absolute alcohol to destroy the cells in the cyst wall.

In the case of uterine adenomyosis, because the lesions and normal portions are mixed together it is difficult to physically remove.  Surgery may be performed on localized adenomyosis, but we can not say the procedure has been established yet.  Therefore, drug therapy will be used in principle.  In the case of infertility, by the method known as, “ultra long protocol”, menstruation is stopped for a long time and after that by use of In Vitro Fertilization even one with badly repeated miscarriages from adenomyosis may give birth safely.


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