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Menstrual Trouble

Menstrual Cramps(dysmenorrhea)

There’s no need to worry about menstrual cramps if you only have them for the first or two days of the month.  However, if the systems are getting worse every year since you were 20, or if they just came out all of a sudden even though the was never any before, it is recommended that you should come in for a visit.

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Menstrual irregularities(Irregular menstruation)

Regularly, the menstruation cycle is repeated over a 26 to 35 day cycle, however due to various causes, it can be off.  Although mental stress becomes menstrual irregularities, it’s rare but illness of the ovary, which is often caused by pituitary tumor and could cause amenorrhea, and it is recommended to have a doctor's visit.  Especially those who plan to get pregnant because it may cause an ovulation pregnancy.

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Irregular Vaginal Bleeding

There’s no worry in a small amount of bleeding occurring from a collapse in hormonal balance, but I would recommend a visit just as it may because the cause might be polyps or uterine fibroids.  Also, it is strongly advised to come in for a visit if you have vaginal bleeding following sexual intercourse often caused by erosion of the mouth of the uterus, it is also a symptom of uterine cancer.

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Menstruation move

Please consult with us ahead of time if for some reasons or circumstances you’d really like to have your menstruation cycle be moved.  It will be necessary to test that the menstrual irregularities were there originally by use of hormones and ultrasound.

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