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Uterine and Ovarian Illnesses

Ovarian Cyst

In the ovaries, cysts of various kinds and tumors may happen.  It can be seen easier by use of ultrasonograph of outpatient, but there are cases of it becoming bigger when noticed, after not coming in for a check up due to lack of visible symptoms.  If it becomes bigger, it could interfere with the pregnancy and birth, enter torsion and accidentally be twisted and because it may be malignant it will basically lead to surgery.

However, on the other hand, it might be that along with your menstrual cycle your ovaries will temporarily become swollen.  If it’s the case of the condition where only water is accumulated, because it will resolve naturally within a few months it will be a follow-up visit.

The surgery is open surgery, laparoscopic surgery and the suction surgery under ultrasound, which you can select based on the various tests, and conditions of the ovarian cysts and tumors.


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Polycystic Ovary(PCO)

Hormonal balance is lost, (ovarian) follicles are swollen hard and it becomes a condition where it is difficult to ovulate.  It is the disease that becomes the cause of ovulation disorders and amenorrhea.

In the cases of those with infertility, treatment will be with injections of fertility drugs and medicinal drinks.  However, because there will be lots of ovarian follicles and if they are let to ovulate they will be multifetal, in that case, an In Vitro Fertilization will be necessary.  Alternatively, there is a surgery under the laparoscope to open a number of small holes on the surface of the ovary.  When you do this surgery, natural ovulation can be expected in about six months.

On the other hand, for those who do not plan the pregnancy, it is recommended to use a low-dosage pill so that the disease will not progress and interfere with future pregnancies.  Also the nasty parts of this disease are obesity, acne and excessive hairiness.  When a low-dosage pill can’t even control these symptoms, we are advancing co-treatment with the Ladies Clinic by battling obesity with diet, acne with chemical peeling, and excessive hairiness with treatments such as laser hair removal.


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