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Gynecological Osaka (Obstetrics and Gynecology). Woman are delicate.

We are performing medical examinations in gynecology (obstetrics and gynecology) practice for women of maternal age.

We offer a range of gynecological (obstetrics) services to women of child bearing age. Not to mention, disease and irregularities in menstruation, we also meet a wide range of needs even if it means having a bridal check and menstrual movement for travel.

We installed the Surgery Center; we have been doing surgical procedures that can preserve fertility. For example, in the case of uterine fibroids, taking only the portion on the myoma and leaving the uterus, to have the surgery that will allow you to get pregnant and have children even after surgery& we have been performing operations that will prevent the progression of infertility and evaporate the endometriosis by under the laparoscope.

【 Gynecological (Obstetrics) 】

Menstrual Trouble

Menstrual Cramps (dysmenorrhea), Menstrual irregularities (Irregular menstruation), Irregular Vaginal Bleeding, Menstruation move

Uterine · Ovarian Illnesses

Fibroid, Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cyst, Polycystic Ovary (PCO)

Vaginal Discharge, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Vaginal Discharge · Itchiness, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

【 Gynecological Examination 】

Uterine Cancer Screening

We recommend a uterine cancer check to find it early.

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Cervical Cancer Vaccine

We have 2 types of vaccines for uterine cancer at our clinic.

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Bridal Check

This exam is for those who want to check for illnesses before marriage.

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【 For unwanted pregnancy 】


Low Dos Pill, Emergency Contraception Pill, Ring


Initial Term (under 12 week) Abortion, Mid-term (from 12 weeks to 21 weeks and 6 days) Abortion

Exen though it is gynecology, there are various areas, and it requires the expertise from each area.
We recommend that you undergo examinations by the various specialists for things like puberty, and late menopause.

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