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G-CSF Intrauterine Injection Method

Uterine Lumen Administration of Granulocyte Colony‐Stimulating Factor Formula for Thin Endometrium in  the Thawed Embryo Transfer Cycle

Uterine Lumen Administration of Granulocyte Colony‐Stimulating Factor Formula for Thin Endometrium in the Thawed Embryo Transfer Cycle It is known that an endometrium thickness of over 7mm is needed in order to heighten the possibility of pregnancy by IVF/Embryo Implant. In the hormone support and thawed embryo transfer cycle, in order for the endometrium to have this thickness, we will have you take estrogen after the cycle starts.

However, about 1% of patients even after using estrogen like this, the endometrium will still not reach the appropriate thickness and the patient will be forced to postpone the embryo transfer.

Up until this point a number of formulas have been tested that should have improved a thin endometrium but it cannot be said that there was any sufficient rise in the effects.

2~9 days before the embryo transfer, it has been reported by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in Society magazine that a drug called, “Granulocyte Colony‐Stimulating Factor” (G‐CSF), administered once to the uterine cavity, will improve endometrium thickness and significantly improve the pregnancy rate. (Gleicher N et al., Fertility and Sterility 2011; 95: 2123.e13-e17)。

The drug G-CSF is approved (the granulocyte increasing effect) and is used to treat medical conditions widely by injection. We will administer it to patients who have met the following requirements;


・Patients who have history of embryo transfers being postponed based on the endometrium not reaching the appropriate thickness of 7mm repeatedly whilst using estrogen in the thawed embryo transfer cycle

・Patients who have given their consent on this form after understanding the meaning and necessity of this treatment




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