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As We Keep Yowur Eggs

 At 8:30 AM, the doors to the incubator will open.  This is in order to observe the precious fertilized eggs that have been entrusted to us embryologists.  We take the small dish out of the incubator and place it onto the stage of the microscope warmed to 37℃ so that the egg will not get cold.


 In the cloudy culture liquid at the bottom of the dish, there was a small egg of about 100 microns in diameter.  The egg that was collected two days ago was still yesterday a single cell.  This morning that single cell began to divide and multiply, taking the shape of a small life.


 We observe that figure carefully through the microscope and with a digital camera record the image.  Then, by a glass pipette, handling it with great care, we transfer the egg that will go back to the uterus tomorrow, into a new culture liquid.


 We softly say, “Okay, see you tomorrow” and then close the incubator door, praying that the cute egg will be raised healthily.


 Our clinic’s culture room is continuing operation nonstop 24 hours a day with no time off.



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