About the IVF Stay

At our clinic, before and after Oocyte Pick-up (OPU) and/or Embryo Transfer (ET) you will be able to stay or take a rest in a private, hotel-grade room that we have prepared.

Complete with bath, toilet and a refrigerator, attendants and visitors are available to enter and leave 24hours a day.
Also we can offer an extra bed for guests as an option, so please tell us at the nurse station.

At the restaurant “Lumiere” on the 4th floor of our clinic which is available for the attendants and guests, we have prepared a café and light snacks.
By all means, please enjoy our Lumiere.

Item Before Tax With Tax Detail
Day Procedure ¥10,000 ¥11,000 Please rest before and after procedures of OPU and ET.
2 Days1Night
(Meal Included)
¥12,000 ¥13,200 Please stay before and after the procedures of OPU and ET.
*The price including tax is an estimate stated due to obligation to display the total amount. Minor differences in calculation may occur at time of actual accounting.

room  Lumiere