Doctor's Profiles

Message from Dr. Naomi Sugiyama, MD.


Let’s move forward together as a team!

The birth of a new life is like a story. The oocyte and the sperm meet and join, become an embryo, and take root in the uterus. I am delighted that the medical care I do every day helps this story to happen again and again.

In the past, I worked in obstetrics, especially delivering children. Looking at newborn babies always filled me with awe, and I thought about how that baby was once a fertilized oocyte, and even how it was before that. Creating life is so complex.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Come to the clinic, and we will start with easy questions, like “how is your period?” and “when is your ovulation date?” Little by little, with tests and treatment, we can proceed.

With our shared goals, we can press on.