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Message from Dr. Takashi Matsubara, MD.


"The best treatment for each patient"


My first encounter with reproductive medicine was when I was invited to attend an academic lecture by a senior professor of the academic lecture of the Japan Society of Reproductive Medicine (formerly Infertility Society of Japan), after I graduated from medical school and passed the doctor national exam and began training as a researcher.


At the university affiliated hospital at that time there were few infertility patients, and there was not yet an independent fertility outpatients, so I felt great appeal to the advanced technology I saw at the academic lecture meeting.  After that, I was forced to acquire experience such as pregnancy and childbirth management, uterus and ovarian surgery, management of cancer patients, and I didn’t get a chance to master reproductive medicine, but when I was a graduate student, I had one professor whom I was indebted to, and he started an ART specialized clinic and taught me that it is important, more than ever, to get close to the patient's feelings as treatment for infertility continues.


After that, I gained experience of reproductive medicine at a university affiliated hospital and other hospitals, after going through twists and turns, I decided to make infertility treatment my vocation, and I began to work at Oak Clinic from October of 2017.


My life worth can be obtained through involvement in the treatment of infertility and finding the best treatment for each patient.  I think that it is our pleasure to be able to help couples get pregnant by using such methods and ultimately to help us reach their goal of the birth of a baby. The cause and treatment of infertility are diverse and are progressing day by day, so I would like to continue studying in order to find the best way for each couple.




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Oak Medical Group has been from the time we opened, supporting the many issues of women's health, building performance and trust, and not only here in Osaka, but centering in Kansai we are receiving patients from across Japan.
Especially with our infertility treatment, we are widely covering the various tests to IVF/ICSI's Advanced Reproductive Technologies.  Depending on the cause of the infertility, we are handling the treatment of each patient one by one.  If you have some concerns, please don't hesitate to consult with us.