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Message from Dr. Kazunori Maeda, MD.


“Until you’re holding your healthy baby”


I was studying the effect of Buserelin and Clomid during infertility treatment on ovaries at the university hospital, but since then I have been involved in general gynecology practice at related hospitals and have recently focused on fetal echo cardiography (especially fetal heart screening).


After the joyous news of a pregnancy, a fun but uneasy pregnancy life begins and will last for about 10 months.
Most patients are worried about miscarriage, and about whether or not the baby is healthy.
Recent improvements in the function of the ultrasonic echo device have made it possible to understand in more detail the pregnancy and abdominal information.
Among them, fetal heart disease is the most common congenital disease in 8 out of 1,000 pregnancies, and half of them are severe. However, the outcome of congenital heart disease treatment has dramatically improved, and it helps many people by making a diagnosis early in the abdomen and preparing well and giving birth.


We believe that the purpose of infertility treatment is pregnancy but it doesn't end until you are "holding a healthy baby."


Please feel free to consult with me at any time if you are worried about your baby.




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