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Message from Masako Karita, MD.


Please discuss any anxieties you might have with me


 I did research on endometriosis and infertility in graduate school.  It is a disease that makes the pain and infertility the predominant symptom from when the menstrual pain starts and in recent years that increase has been pointed out.  It is said that 8-10% of women in the reproductive years are recognized as having endometriosis, and will merge significantly high with about 25-50% of infertile patients.  It has also been reported that there are many people with advanced endometriosis in patient cases.  In fact, when doing out patient care, the abundance of how many times we encounter endometriosis is surprising.  Additionally, even with those that have light cases of endometirosis, it is said that with the ovulation disorder from adhesion and the quality of oocytes declining, it is hard to become pregnant.

 For those who have bad menstrual pains and have been pointed out that it might be endometriosis, and those finding rather challenging to get pregnant, it is strongly recommended that you get checked out as soon as possible.  I think I would like to consider the treatment method for that individual.   As for infertility treatment, it is not a thing where we can say I tried my best so I’ll get good results.  The reason alone is that you must face physical and mental stress.  If you have any anxieties or questions or anything, please ask me.  I will do my best to explain it to you in an easy way to the best of my ability.



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