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Surgery Center

At our Surgery Center, we are carrying out the surgeries intended for fertility treatment and the art used for pregnancy preservation.  No matter the easy surgery you may face, you will feel a little uneasiness or anxiety before the surgery.  We are delicately considering while we are ready with the prepared facilities so that those undergoing surgery will have some peace of mind.


For example, we are paying close attention to anesthesia.  At our clinic, many of the surgeries are done with use of full body anesthesia.  At that time, for surgeries with a short time a special tube is used called the laryngeal mask and it is a method of little invasiveness and alleviates the burden to the throat.  In addition, it is combined with epidural anesthesia and so not just during surgery, but even after surgery the pain is blocked.


We are working hard with all our effort, day and night so that we can be able to have a more safe and a more reliable surgery, and then so we can get the trust of the patients who undergo surgery.


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♦ Features of the Surgery Center


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At our clinic, we are focusing on infertility, and we are practicing on those with the gynecological diseases of the pregnancy age period.  For this reason, we note the following in particular when it comes to uterine and ovarian surgery.


For example, even with surgery of uterine fibroids, there is a method to take the whole uterus called complete uterus removal, and there is the method to leave the uterus and only take the fibroids out called the core removal.  Ovarian cysts are also the same.  There is the method to extract the whole ovary and the method to just take the cyst out.


Even though of course we will have to leave the uterus to someone who has to get pregnant, and because there are two ovaries (left and right) even if one is taken it will be okay.  However it is better to leave behind, even if a little bit, most of the real ovary.


Additionally, we are also involved in the latest surgical techniques of laparoscopic surgery (laparoscope), and hysteroscopic surgery (resectoscope).  However, for example, because you are doing surgery with the laparaoscope, it doesn’t mean it is the best way.  It is necessary to consider whether it makes sense really.  To give a good example, it is said that the scars are small if the surgery is laparoscopic.  It is certainly just like that.  However, if you get pregnant after taking the core of the uterine fibroid, in order to prevent the uterus from tearing by the labor pains, there will be a Caesarian section.  For the Caesarian section, we must make a big cut in order to take the baby out.


In any case, it is needed to consider carefully whether or not you should have the surgery. At our clinic, in the case where a surgery will be done, there will first be a conference by a team of physicians.  Based on the test results from the MRI and the like, we will consider from various angles the site of the fibroids, the number, the positional relationship between the blood vessel and the endometrium, and the surgical risk and merit to each.  Then, based on the results of them, we will propose in counseling to take any way and if it is the best way.


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♦ About hospitalization


At our clinic after the surgery and during the recovery periods, in a very rich environment, you will be able to relax both mind and body.  In a private room of hotel grade, complete with bath, toilet and a refrigerator, attendants and visitors are available to enter and leave 24 hours a day.  Also we can offer an extra bed for the attendant as an option, so please tell us at the nurse station.


At the restaurant “Lumiere” on the 4th floor of this hospital which is available for the attendants and guests, we have prepared a café and light snacks.  By all means please enjoy this space.

Private Room of Hotel Grade

Restaurant “Lumiere”

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