Mid-term (12˜ Under 22 Weeks) Abortion

Flow of the abortion surgery


Since we would like for the cervix to open without difficulty at the time of the abortion surgery, prior to the surgery we will do “pretreatment” at outpatient. This is the treatment where a thin rod known as, “Laminaria (or Lamicel) stick” is inserted into the cervix (entrance to the uterus). The treatment will last about two days as we repeatedly increase the number of Laminaria (or Lamicel) sticks into the cervix, gradually expanding the opening. The number will vary in regards to the number of weeks, the size of the fetus and the state of the cervix.

※Laminaria stick, Lamicel stick
It is a thin rod. It absorbs the moisture and gradually expands, widening the cervix. In a mid-term abortion, as the number of rods are increased the pretreatment is repeated and eventually there are around a dozen Laminaria (or Lamicel) sticks inserted in the uterus.

Abortion Surgery

After cervical expansion to an extent, you will be hospitalized in a private room.

A water balloon like thing called the metreurynter (a.k.a. balloon) is inserted inside the uterus and by pulling it encourages uterine contraction and allows the cervix to further expand.

The metreurynter is inserted into the uterus in a flaccid state and then 150ml of distilled water is injected by needle into the balloon. Over the course of the night 400g will be pulled and the cervix will be opened widely.

When the balloon is removed, labor will be induced artificially through the use of PREGLANDIN and you will have fetal expulsion similar to a birth. Anesthesia will not be used.




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