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Guidance for Diet Outpatient

At the below clinics we are opening a diet specialist's diet outpatient.


•Oak Namba Ladies Clinic

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•Oak Umeda Ladies Clinic

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•Oak Ginza Ladies Clinic

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  • Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi
  • Oak Clinic, Umeda
  • Oak Clinic, Ginza


The Oak Diet Program


Even if you have an interest in diet, to find a diet that really works amongst all the diets out there is a very hard thing to do. Not only that, but if you choose to diet in your own way it often leads to rough skin and menstrual irregularities, so that's not a good idea.


In addition, it is a good thing to temporarily get the help from medicine to handle such things as appetite control. The Oak Diet Program is a medical diet that while keeping the body important, reliably increases the outcome.


It is an 8 week total course consisting of 4 weeks of Concentrated Diet Session and 4 weeks of Rebound Preventative Maintenance Session. Those who make improvements in diet and exercise and over the period of six months lose weight are healthy, but in fact if the results are not seen at first will not follow through with the diet. You will lose weight thoroughly in the first 4 weeks.



VLCD(Very Low Calorie Diet)

In the “Concentration Diet Session” we do the fasting therapy through outpatient.  However, it is not good for your health or for beauty if you do not take in the nutrients such as the minimum calories, minerals and vitamins, so we will use the diet composition food for the treatment.


Appetite Suppressant

As for appetite, it is something that can not be controlled by will power.  By temporarily using medicine, the body will become used to small meals.  In stages while returning to general meals, you will slowly be separated from the appetite suppressant.


Fat Absorption Inhibitor

By taking this with your meal, it will absorb the fat within the intestines and thus reduce the fat that is absorbed by the body.


Metabolism Enhancers

You will burn fat by increasing metabolism.  To avoid strain on the circulatory and endocrine systems, we will use ancient Chinese herbal medicine so that you will be able to use the enhancers for a long time without the use of ephedrine and the thyroid hormone.


Regarding the cost

  Before Tax Including Tax
Medication fee
Appetite suppressant 8 weeks, Fat absorption inhibitor 6 weeks, Metabolism enhancer 6 weeks
¥30,280 ¥33,308
Pre-prepared meal fee



Body test fee (blood test, measurements, pregnancy test)

¥25,340 ¥27,874
Total ¥137,380 ¥149,482

※The prepayment for the diet program is ¥150,000.
※The actual fees may vary depending on the doctor’s judgment of the best course.
※Prices are subject to change without notice.

※The price including tax is an estimate stated due to obligation to display the total amount. Minor differences in calculation may occur at time of actual accounting.




Program Content


■Initial Examination

Interview, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Measurement by 2 frequency impedance Each measurement site, Blood Pressure Measurement, Blood Sample: electrolytes, liver function, renal function, serum lipid


■Concentration Session

Fasting/ Half-fasting therapy through Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Prescription of Appetite Suppressant Visit to the hospital every 2 weeks, Body Mass Index (BMI), Measurement of Body Fat Percentage


■Maintenance Session

We will slowly return you back to a normal meal. Appetite Suppressant, Fat Absorption Inhibitors, Prescription of Metabolic Enhancers(Prescription will be changed if needed) Body Mass Index every 2 weeks, Measurement of Body Fat Percentage


【Real Example】 (Published with permission from the patient)

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