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Guidance for Diet Outpatient

At the below clinics we are opening a diet specialist's diet outpatient.


•Oak Namba Ladies Clinic

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•Oak Umeda Ladies Clinic

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•Oak Ginza Ladies Clinic

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  • Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi
  • Oak Clinic, Umeda
  • Oak Clinic, Ginza

The reality of a reliable diet and careful guidance by the doctor.

Miyako Funabiki, MD. Image

Message from Miyako Funabiki, MD.

We will medically support a reasonable diet.


To maintain a proper body weight, is the basis of health and beauty.  However, it is very difficult to follow your own diet as we well know.


It is very easy to say, “Please lose weight while eating a balanced meal.  Also do some moderate exercises.”  But, if we could do a diet with such guidance, nobody would be in fret about losing weight.  The reality is that we can not, so everyone is in trouble.


In recent studies, the existence of the obesity gene has come to be known, and we have found that it is hopeless against will power alone.  While temporarily getting help from medicine and supplements, if you don’t follow the strict program and diet accordingly, then your health will take a turn for the worse.


At Oak Clinic, we have the ovulation failure diet, and within the diet for beauty we have created the self diet program called, “Oak Diet” and are achieving results with this.

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