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˜ To the patients looking for a hospital to give birth˜



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At our clinic, we do not handle labor and birth, but we are actively involved with the prenatal process.  Of course, once it has been decided to give birth, it is desirable to go to the hospital afterwards, but due to things like outpatient hours and traffic, sometimes it is not so convenient.

However, we think differently then a hospital and because of managerial reasons, our support is quite wide-ranged.  There are hospitals that say that, “we can not handle the delivery if you did not receive the prenatal care at our hospital” and on the other hand there are other hospitals that say that, “if you choose to give birth at another hospital then we will not give you prenatal care”.

On the other hand, at the hospital that wants to focus on managing the delivery and high-risk cases, to reduce the burden of Obstetrician’s outpatients, we are now recommending to seek prenatal care at the clinic if you would like to have no errors in the course.  Additionally, there are also places introducing the open system, the kind that is common in Europe and the United States.  This is the method of how the clinic doctor can attend the birth by doing the prenatal care and when the labor pain begins transferring the patient to a hospital.

At our clinic, we work in cooperation with several hospitals in Osaka; we have made it to a standard to support our patients up to the 36th week of pregnancy.  In conclusion, it is the same as considering it to be a hometown birth but by visiting the hospital and making a chart beforehand, it is a merit that you will have a smooth acceptance to the hospital in the event of an emergency that happens before the 36th week.