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˜ To the patients who got pregnant by the fertility treatment˜


At this clinic for those patients who get pregnant by means of fertility treatment we take the responsibility and would like to watch over these patients through the 22nd week of pregnancy.


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This is because I think the method of administration of prenatal care of pregnancy in fertility treatment is different based on a number of past experiences.  To give a concrete example, there is a hospital that does not recommend the hospital treatment for threatened miscarriage.  Even there are a number of cases of those who were referred to a hospital for birth and after the transfer started bleeding were told, "You don't need to be hospitalized" and then they miscarried their baby.


There are several reasons why things like this happen.  For one thing, because we have obstetricians with the stance to question the need for treatment themselves, there is a report that says that there is no difference in the results even after aggressive treatment of the threatened miscarriage.  However, in a magazine specializing in fertility treatment, an article has been issued that says that pregnancy by In Vitro Fertilization may be effective in the active treatment.  In fact, if you are bleeding after getting pregnant in the freeze-thaw cycle it is clearly different from the usual threatened miscarriage.


Indeed it is inevitable that the majority of miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities in the sperm and the egg.  I can say as a result in those cases that there was no meaning to the rest treatment.  However, it is seen later in afterthought, there are, even though a few, cases where the miscarriage is avoided by the aggressive treatment.  We can say, "It's a very small possibility, and there's no need to do that..." to a person who is susceptible to subsequent pregnancy.  We believe that the same things cannot be said to patients who have overcome a number of difficulties and got pregnant by fertility treatment.


There are also administrative reasons.  As for threatened miscarriage in the early pregnancy, because they take place at over 1⁄ 3 of normal pregnancies, we frequently get calls at night.  As a particular matter it is very difficult for the doctor on duty to respond to all of them.  For this reason it's the nurses and midwives in most of the facilities that only handle the telephone support. In some cases, for that matter, there are no open beds. From the viewpoint of limited medical resources and it's said to be an unavoidable thing, because of these administrative reasons we regret that there are those who have lost the possibility of continuing the pregnancy to term. 


Others such as diagnostics of amniotic fluid and maternal serum markers, despite the important technology of prenatal diagnosis, there is also a hospital that cannot avoid a discussion on the ideological.  From this kind of reason, until at least 22 weeks, we'd like to take the responsibility to do the examinations at our clinic.  Of course just as with going back to your hometown for birth, we can accommodate you up to 36 weeks in the hospital before birth.

Previously due to things such as lack of obstetricians it was situation that it was difficult to book a delivery, and as soon as pregnancy was determined we soon had to have a visit, but now it has become possible to book only a delivery at most hospitals and have check-ups at another institution.  There have been some hospitals coming out that have been asking for visits, rather than reducing the clinic's burden of the obstetrician.  Even if you go back to your hometown for delivery, please relax and take the prenatal care at our clinic before the birth takes place.