IFCE-Intrauterine Fiberscope & Curettage of the Endometrium


Until IFCE Developed


Regardless as to whether or not good eggs were collected, for the patients who didn’t have implantation finally get pregnant, it happened soon one after another.  Of course this is great for the patient because of course we want to reduce the amount of time patients come in for treatment. 


However, why are people that haven’t been able to get pregnant after a long time are now becoming pregnant?  The common point is that patients take a repeat implantation failure test (hysteroscope, intrauterine vaginal bacteria culture, endometrium biopsy) a few weeks before a successful ET. 


There has been increasing reports recently from overseas that say the endometrium biopsy will improve the implantation rate.  It is because of that, we at Oak Clinic are also moving forward with our research and also are seeing an improvement with our real results (Hayashi T, et al. Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology, in press).


In addition, not only the endometrium biopsy, we are also breaking into the existence of polyps and methods of ET, and also looking for ways from our clinic’s viewpoint to improve the implantation rate.


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