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IFCE-Intrauterine Fiberscope & Curettage of the Endometrium


What is IFCE (Intrauterine Fiberscope & Curettage of the Endometrium)?


For a long time there was no effective treatment for patients unable to get pregnant or to reduce repetitive implantation failure despite obtaining good zygotes from IVF treatment.  However, recently in the past couple of years, an effective treatment has been presented and the pregnancy rate has been improving significantly by means of an assisted implantation technique called IFCE (Intrauterine Fiberscope & Curettage of the Endometrium), which is used at our clinic. 

IFCE is a technique in which a curette is used and a small portion of the endometrium is scratched and the tissue is collected, then at the exact same position of the endometrium scratching will be where the embryo will be transferred.  Research at Oak Clinic found that when the embryo transfer is done in the following cycle after IFCE, in comparison to an embryo transfer without, the clinical pregnancy rate and continuing pregnancy rate increased 3 fold.  At our clinic, the endometrial biopsy and ET techniques are looked at from every angle, and we are developing our own techniques to increase implantation rates for our patients.


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