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〔Sumiyoshi&Ginza〕IFCE (Intrauterine Fiberscope&Curettage of The Endometrium)

The IFCE is an assisted implantation surgery that is done for implantation failure, when up until now other effective treatment methods were not established.  When compared to not doing anything, we are getting 3 times higher the results in clinical pregnancy rates and ongoing pregnancy rates alike.

At our clinic, there are techniques and methods to testing from which we consider from various angles and we are also developing our own unique skills.



Process of IFCE


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1) Test Implementation of Before Embryo Transfer Cycyle → Implantaion Failure

Hysteroscopy inspection Check to see whether or not there are any endometrial polyps.

2) No problems with the exam results
    → From within 1˜ 2 weeks time we will proceed with the embryo transfer.

2‘) Problem with the exam results → Treatment.



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