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Mid-term(12˜ Under 22 Weeks)Abortion

<Consultation Schedule>


For abortions, it is necessary to have an appointment by meeting.  In general, hospitalization is after 3 pretreatments, but the pretreatment number may vary depending on the number of weeks and the size of the fetus.

❈The written amounts are subject to change without notice.


Explanation of the surgery, Appointment, Blood type Exam

❈The appointment and blood test for STD’s will be done at the same time. Please prepare the money for the Blood type examination [¥12,410(Excludes tax)]

Day before Hospitalization

AM Visit:Pretreatment at outpatient(Laminaria insertion)

Night Visit:Pretreatment at outpatient(Laminaria insertion)

Hospitalization Day

AM Visit:Pretreatment at outpatient(Laminaria insertion)

In the Evening:Hospitalization


After the completion of the surgery, and a couple hours of rest you may go home.

Day after surgery

Examination at outpatient

<Regarding hospitalization>

Our clinic is equipped with facilities for stays and in the case of a mid-term abortion; you may stay in a private room.  The time period may vary by the number of weeks, but it’s about 2 days and one night.  For your stay in the hospital, other than menstrual pads and shorts, nothing else is necessary.  We will prepare the towels and pajamas.

Hospitalization equipment


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